About KLAM America Corporation

KLAM America Corporation was founded on the fundaments of nearly 40 years of experience in commercial vehicles, retardation and installation of automotive products.

Formely known as Western Retarder Company (Western Jacobs) the company has continuously worked on its reputation and tried to improve it’s presence in the Colorado Market.

With KLAM America Corporation becoming a division of Industrias Zelu, S.L., the goals and targets have increased from local to national in scope.
(Please click here to view Industrias Zelu, SL: www.zelusl.com)

KAC Building: on 10.000 sq ft. KAC has 5 installation lanes with modern tooling to provide a swift and clean installation. Office and logistical infrastructure are on site.

Training Rig: KAC does provide in house training to dealers and installers with hands on mechanical and electrical props.


KAC is taking care of the international demand in North America by carrying over 200 retarders in stock with a complete inventory of spare parts.
KAC is training and recruiting dealers and installation companies with its own training facility, “in house”.
The product quality of retarder systems depends largely on the experience and quality of the installation technicians. The constant training of our own personnel is, therefore, also of the utmost importance.

Rack with Retarders : KAC carriers a constant stock of KLAM Retarders to serve the market in North American within 48 hours.


Industria Zelu S.L.

Automatic Tire Chains


KAC represents, in the State of Colorado, several related automotive products and takes care of service, installations and repairs for these manufacturers.

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